Are herbal cigarettes safe during pregnancy?

Herbal cigarettes are free from tobacco and nicotine and not addictive too. Herbal cigarettes, also known as “natural” or “organic” cigarettes, are marketed as a healthier alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes. It contains a unique blend of natural herbs and extracts rather than tobacco. In ancient days, people were used to smoking natural herbs in hookah and chillum.

Herbal cigarettes have been made in China since 1959 for a very long time and are currently produced in South Korea, Taiwan, and Thailand. These cigarettes are frequently advertised with claims that they help people stop smoking or consume less.

Herbal CigarettesRegular Cigarettes
Made from natural herbs and plantsMade from tobacco leaves
Do not contain nicotine          Contain nicotine
Do not produce tar and harmful chemicalsProduce tar and harmful chemicals
May have a milder taste and aromaHave a strong, harsh taste and aroma
May be considered a smoking alternative or cessation aidConsidered harmful and addictive
May be more expensiveLess expensive

Are Herbal cigarettes really safe?

  • Herbal cigarettes are made from a mixture of herbs, whereas regular cigarettes are made from tobacco. Herbal cigarettes do not contain nicotine, the addictive substance found in tobacco, and are often marketed as a healthier alternative to regular cigarettes.
  • Many people will assume that anything herbal or natural isn’t dangerous, but it’s not true.  However, there is limited scientific evidence to support these claims, and some experts warn that herbal cigarettes can still be harmful to your health. Regular cigarettes, on the other hand, are known to be highly addictive and are a leading cause of preventable deaths worldwide.
  • A herbal cigarette may contain a significant amount of carbon monoxide; burning it will produce tar and toxicity. These herbal cigarettes are beneficial for those who want to quit smoking. They’re made of marshmallow leaves, basil, lemon grass, honey rose herbals, red flowers, etc., but they look and burn like regular cigarettes.
  • Therefore, there should be no smoking-safe option will be able for cigarette smokers. According to the American cancer society (ACS), even herbal cigarettes with no tobacco may also be dangerous for your health.
  • Herbal cigarettes will not smell like regular cigarettes; they will depend on our chosen flavor. Then any smoke is dangerous to humans, like air pollution, mosquito coils, engine smoke, garbage smoke, and dust. When they are smoked, they produce many harmful chemicals also found in tobacco smoke.
  • Some producers intentionally push herbal and other non-tobacco cigarettes under the false impression that they are a safer alternative to smoking or a tool for quitting.
  • Cigarettes still produce carcinogens and other harmful chemicals. According to a study comparing the mainstream smoke from herbal cigarettes to generic tobacco cigarettes, certain dangerous substances are present, including tar, carbon monoxide, benzopyrene, and phenolic chemicals, including hydroquinone, resorcinol, and catechol.

So Herbal cigarettes are one of the ways to stop smoking regular cigarettes which contain tobacco and nicotine. Click here to find out the best ways to stop smoking.

Are herbal cigarettes safe during pregnancy?

And the answer is no. There is no such thing as a safe smoke for pregnancy. Smoking during pregnancy can harm the developing baby’s tissues, especially the lungs and brain. Even one or two smoke daily can increase the risk of issues such as preterm labor, stillbirth, low birth weight, and others. Research studies indicate that even mild smoking during pregnancy may increase the risk of sudden infant death syndrome in your unborn child (SIDS). 

  • Smoking herbal cigarettes could be a risk for developing pregnancy and however, women should not smoke during pregnancy. The risk of smoking to a mother and a baby far outweighs it. It may lead to miscarriage, make it more difficult to become pregnant, and have a very high risk of not getting pregnant again.
  • Smoking increases the risk of pregnancy complications. The carbon monoxide keeps the developing baby from getting enough oxygen.
  • Mothers who smoke more leads to cause death, disability, and disease among newborn babies, and as compared with the other babies, they have a lower birth weight and are born very small or too early, and are not as healthy. And the babies have weaker lungs than other babies, which increases the risk of many health problems and raises the danger of pregnancy problems. This prevents the developing infant from getting enough oxygen due to carbon monoxide.
  • As opposed to other babies, those born to mothers who smoke more often have babies with lower birth weights and who are born very little. Smoking is a leading cause of death, disability, premature birth, and sickness in newborns.

Here are several Suggestions for stopping smoking

  • Get motivation and help from friends.
  • Challenge yourself- you will feel better by doing things, especially activities that strengthen your boundaries and keep your mind off smoking.
  • Create new habits instead of smoking
  • Stay busy
  • Do more exercise
  • Manage your physical and mental health


They are not a safe alternative to tobacco cigarettes. Herbal cigarettes may contain best herbs but smoke of these herbs produces tar which harms our body. Therefore, it is essential to note that no form of smoking is safe, and it is recommended to speak with the healthcare provider for personalized advice on smoking cessation.

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