Skinkraft or Kaya – Which products are the best ?

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Here we will see about skinkraft and Kaya, which brands products are the best and their comparison.

Skinkraft makes customized products for every individual based on your requirements, and Kaya makes the best herbal beauty products for all your concerns, and they also provide special treatments for your problems.

Our recommendation is to use Skinkraft products. But if you are facing with serious issue, go with Kaya

Basic comparison between Skinkraft and Kaya:

Comparison basisSkinkraftKaya
  Started in the year20182003
Categories  Hair care, skin care and nutritional products  Skincare, haircare, eye care, bath & body products  
Products type      Customized for everyone    Same products for all (you can get customized solutions if you visit their clinic)
Ingredients  Dermatologically tested and safe ingredients are used without any harmful chemicals      Safe natural and plant-based ingredients are used
AwardsListed in the six best breakthrough beauty products of 2019 in the Cosmo India beauty awards 2019    The golden globe tigers 2016
India health and wellness awards 2015
Indian salon & wellness awards 2016
Innovative retails concept of the year And many more…  
Buying platform    In their official website    In their official website and E-commerce shopping sites.  
  Parent company  IncNut digital private limited  Marico



Skinkraft is a customized beauty products brand that makes haircare, skincare and nutritional products for both men and women.

Skinkraft is known for its special customization process; they make customized regimens for everyone based on your requirements. Skinkraft takes a quick analysis of your hair or skin to know your type and also ask some questions about your personality and your concerns to formulate the best products for you which suits your requirements. They believe that everyone is different from others; hence they implemented the special customization process to formulate the products. 

Skinkraft is popular and known for their customized skincare regimen and customized haircare regimen, and they also customize the nutritional supplements, which is very unique. 

They don’t use any harmful chemicals to make their products and only use dermatologically tested and safe ingredients to formulate their products. 


Kaya is popular for their clinical treatments for beauty concerns, and they provide products for haircare, skincare, eye care, bath and body products. They make their products with plant-based and safe natural ingredients.

Kaya is not only known in India, but it is also popular in the middle east. They not only make products but also maintains clinics to solve the problems people directly. Kaya makes the best products with plant-based ingredients which are safe for everyone, and they will customize their products for your needs if you visit their clinic.

Kaya is not only the manufacturer of a product; it is much more than that; they provide a wide range of treatments for your skin and hair related problems in their clinics, and you can book an appointment with a dermatologist on their website. They take special care of their customers, and their treatments are available for both men and women. If you need more attention to your problems, then you can consult the kaya clinic, or you can just buy a suitable problem for your concern from their range which is also very good in solving your concerns. Their products are made for every type so they can be used by everyone.

Skinkraft vs Kaya

Skinkraft and Kaya both make hair and skin care products for both men and women in addition to hair and skin kaya makes eye care, bath and body products also, and skinkraft provides nutritional supplements other than skin and hair care products.

There are many companies that make beauty related products but providing nutritional supplements is a new thing, and skinkraft customizes the nutritional supplements with the customer’s requirements and concerns which is a unique thing. All the products from skinkraft are customized for their customers depending on the answers they provide in the skinkraft analysis, whereas kaya products are similar to every customer.

While providing the products and on the other hand, kaya has many clinics throughout the country, and it is also popular in the middle east. One can consult their clinic for the best products, and they also provide treatments for your skin and hair problems and provide products according to your treatment, whereas skinkraft doesn’t have any clinics and only provides products. But the thing in skinkraft is they make customized products for every individual by asking their type and concerns so by this you can get the products which suit you well without consulting any clinics.

Coming to the safety of the products, both the brand’s kaya and skinkraft maintains high safety standards; kaya don’t use any harmful chemicals in their products and uses plant-based ingredients, whereas skinkraft uses all safe ingredients which are dermatologically tested and approved, and ksinkraft maintains international safety standards in manufacturing their solutions. Both the brand’s products are free from parabens, phthalates, SLS, formaldehyde and animal testing.

Kaya gives you good results and solves all your beauty related issues, and skinkraft is also very good in all aspects. Kaya makes eye, bath and body-related products also, but skinkraft is only for hair, skin and nutrition, and their customized formulations will give you fast and long-lasting results.

So, if your skin and hair issues are really severe, then consult the kaya clinics and get your products or suitable treatment done. Most of us don’t really need any treatments for our beauty concerns; we just need suitable products to solve the concerns. Treatments are needed when we have any allergies and serious issues; if you don’t have any such problems, you can easily go with the products of skinkraft as they will make custom formulations for you. Problems like dandruff, hair loss, acne or any such issues don’t need any treatments; selecting good products will solve all such problems, and skinkraft is a master in solving them.

The wide range of kaya products are also good, but the skinkraft products will be customized for your concerns and can solve your problems. 


Both the brands are good in terms of their formulations, but we recommend you to choose Skinkraft products as they will give you better results that last long with their special customization process. You can also buy customized nutritional supplements from Skinkraft to improve your daily nutrition.

If you are suffering from any serious issues, treatments from kaya will be helpful for you. They provide a variety of treatments for all your problems which will solve your issues. Unless you don’t need any treatments, the skinkraft customized regimens are really good.

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