Skinkraft vs Bare anatomy – Which products are the best ?

The market for beauty products is increasing day by day as many of us are suffering from skin and hair-related issues due to pollution and irregular lifestyle.

For our self-confidence and good-looking beauty, it is very important to solve our beauty concerns. Many brands are providing a variety of products for our hair, skin, body, etc.; products that are chemical-free and natural will be good to use.

Many brands are manufacturing products with only natural ingredients, but some brands make not only natural products, but they also customize their products for their customers based on their concerns. 

Here we will see about two such brands Skinkraft and Bare Anatomy. 

Our Recomendation is :– Use Skinkraft Customized Hair care products

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Basic comparison between Bare Anatomy and Skinkraft:

 Comparison basis Skinkraft BareAnatomy
  Started in the year  2018  2019
    CategoriesHair care, skin care products and nutritional supplementsHair care, skin care products and beauty supplements
    IngredientsDermatologically tested and safe ingredients are used  Natural and plant-based
  Type of product  Customized for everyone  Customized for everyone
    AwardsListed in the six best breakthrough beauty products of 2019 in the Cosmo India beauty awards 2019    _
      Platform to buyIn their official website and some of the types are available at E-commerce sitesThey are available in their official website and some bare anatomy essentials are available at Flipkart and Amazon.



Bare anatomy is known for providing beauty products with complete natural herbs and with a special customization process. They make products related to hair care, skincare, beauty supplements, and some essential products.

Skin and hair products from bare anatomy are customized for every individual based on the concerns of their hair and skin types. Their research and advanced technology formulate all their products. They source their ingredients botanically backed (all-natural and plant-based) and are formulated with advanced science for long-lasting results.

Bare anatomy provides hair care and skin regimens by customizing them with the customer’s concern; they conduct a short quiz to find your type and problem. Depending on them, their team will formulate a kit of special products for your complete care. Bare Anatomy provides personalized hair care and skin care regimen as a 3-step and 5-step regimen that contains 3 and 5 customized products for all your needs.

Their products are made completely chemical-free, cruelty-free, and are freshly made for every individual. You can see the results of your skin and hair in a short period of time using their products, and it gives you long-lasting results.

What does Bare Anatomy personalized hair care regimen contain?

Bare Anatomy provides 3 steps and 5 step haircare regimens containing all the products for your complete hair care.

The Bare Anatomy 3-step haircare regimen contains:

  • Pre-shampoo hair mask
  • Personalized shampoo
  • Personalized conditioner

The Bare Anatomy 5-step haircare regimen contains:

  • Personalized hair serum
  • Personalized hair oil
  • Personalized pre-shampoo hair mask
  • Personalized shampoo
  • Personalized conditioner

What does Bare Anatomy personalized skincare regimen contain?

The Bare anatomy 3-step personalized skincare regimen contains:

  • Personalized deep cleansing face wash
  • Personalized moisturizer 
  • Personalized skin cream

You can choose one of their regimens of your choice and plan.


Skinkraft is similar to Bare anatomy; in fact, we should say that bare anatomy is similar to Skinkraft because skinkraft is launched in the year 2018, while Bare anatomy has launched a year after skinkraft in 2019.

They both are similar because they make products with a special customization process. Skinkraft provides products for hair care, skincare, and nutrition, and all the products will be specially customized for every individual. 

Skinkraft’s products are dermatologically tested and are free from harmful chemicals such as parabens, sulphate, SLS, SLES, etc. they use ingredients that are dermatologically tested, safe, and approved by FDA.

Skinkraft takes a questionary session before suggesting their products to customers; the questionary contains questions about your hair and skin type, lifestyle, and concerns. Based on the answers you provide, they will suggest the customized products for you. Skinkraft will formulate the customized solution and will deliver you the products within a week or 10 days. 

Skinkraft provides its products as a complete regimen that contains a set of products for all your needs for skin or hair. The regimens are named as skinkraft customized hair care regimen and skincare regimen. 

The skinkraft customized hair care regimen contains:

  • Customized hair serum
  • Customized hair shampoo
  • Customized hair conditioner 

The skinkraft customized skincare regimen contains:

  • Customized cleanser
  • Customized moisturizer
  • Customized skin active 

All the products are safe without any side effects. You can buy a plan of your choice on their website.

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Skinkraft vs Bare Anatomy

Distinguishing between Skinkraft and Bare anatomy is very difficult as they both are very similar. Both the brand’s products are customized for their customers to solve their problems. 

Bare Anatomy customizes only skin and hair products, whereas Skinkraft customizes their skin and hair products, and it customizes the nutritional supplements also for customers based on their requirements. 

Both the brands’ products show very good results, but when compared to long-lasting results, most of the reviews say that skinkraft products do a really good job in long-lasting results. All the skinkraft products are dermatologically tested and FDA-approved as safe to use.

Skinkraft is older than the Bare anatomy hence the formulations and results will be more effective for everyone as they will be formulated for every type and problem.

Skinkraft offers three different plans to buy their regimen for both hair care regimen and skincare regimen. You can choose one of them which you like.


Skinkraft and Bare anatomy both are tough competitors in making customized hair care and skin care products. But we suggest you choose the skinkraft personalized regimens for your hair care and skin care as it is the elder brand in making customized products and also from the results of many reviews say that skinkraft products work very well for their hair and skin.

Skinkraft also provides customized nutritional supplements, which are unique, and it offers different plans to buy their products. Hence, Skinkraft products are more effective and show long-lasting results.

In every way, Skinkraft is better than Bare anatomy according to the good reviews/results provided by the users/customers. So, our recommendation for your skin and hair care is Skinkraft.


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