Skinkraft vs Cureskin – Which products are the best ?

Skin and hair issues are the two major things we want to solve immediately and want to look good every time. 

We are facing many beauty problems because of our today’s lifestyle and environmental conditions, which may or may not suit our body and can cause skin and hair related issues. Many brands are providing a wide range of products for different types of skin and hair to solve our related concerns.

Here we will see about two such brands, Skinkraft and Cureskin and compare them to find the best one. Both the brands provide skin care and hair products.

Though cureskin products are also customized for everyone, the Skinkrafts customized products will give you effective results as they will ask every question related to your concern, unlike cureskin, where they analyse a photo of yours that cannot be perfect.

Our recommendations is to use:- Skinkraft Products

Let’s understand Why Skinkraft is our recommendation?
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Basic comparison between Skinkraft and Cureskin:

Comparison basisSkinkraftCureskin
  Started in the year20182017
  Categories  Hair care, skincare and nutritional products    Haircare and skincare products
  Type of products  Customized for every one    Customized for everyone
Ingredients  Dermatologically tested and safe ingredients are used without any harmful chemicals    Dermatologically tested and safe ingredients
Awards  Listed in the six best breakthrough beauty products of 2019 in the Cosmo India beauty awards 2019  _
    Buying platform  They can be bought from their official website    They have a mobile app for android and IOS users, you can buy products in their app  



Skinkraft makes products for hair care, skincare and nutrition. All their products will be specially customized for every individual and are made for both men and women.

They use safe ingredients to formulate their solutions which are dermatologically tested, safe and made with international safety and quality standards. Skinkraft products undergo 3 step product design featuring dermato-cosmetologists, pharmacists, and pharmaceutical engineers ensuring the formulations.

Skinkraft is a very successful brand; their products will solve all your skin and hair related problems and also improve your nutrition with their nutritional supplements. Their customization process is unique, and thus it works really good for everyone.


Cureskin makes products for hair care and skin care, and it also has a customization process but is different from skinkraft. Cureskin has an AI-based mobile app that recognizes your skin type and issue by capturing your photo.

The customization process in cureskin is unique from other customized brands. Cureskin developed an AI-based mobile application in which you have to take a photo of your skin or hair and should answer some questions in order to get your products customized. The AI-based application analyses your photo and finds the problem, and the dermatologists will recommend suitable formulations for you.

The products of cureskin are clinically tested and 100% safe for everyone. They have a team of top skin doctors to give you the best solutions.

Skinkraft vs Cureskin

Skinkraft and cureskin both the brands provide customized products for their customers, but the process of customization is different for both. 

Skinkraft conducts a quiz in which they will ask several questions related to your type, personality, problem and etc. and then formulate the suitable solution for your concerns, whereas cureskin has an AI-based mobile application in which you have to take a photo of your hair or skin and should answer some questions, the artificial intelligence analyses your photo and finds out the problem and recommend the products which suit you.

Coming to the ingredients, both the brands use safe ingredients in making their products, but skinkraft not only uses safe ingredients, they use dermatologically tested and approved ingredients only and sinkrafts formulations are made with international standards pf safety and quality. Here skinkraft takes the lead clearly.

Cureskin products are clinically tested and 100% safe, and skinkraft products are cruelty-free and safe without any harmful chemicals like phthalates, parabens, SLS, formaldehyde, etc., you can say which is the best in this aspect no need of our words, we know you are smart.

Cureskin makes only skin and hair related products, whereas skinkraft provides you haircare, skin care and also provides nutritional supplements. The nutritional supplements from skinkraft are also can be customized based on your concerns and improve your nutritional health also along with your beauty.

And the results, 

As both brands give you customized products and hence they both show good results on you but customizing products based on a photo doesn’t really work best, the skinkrafts customization will consider every aspect of your skin and type by answers you provide them so they will formulate the exact required solution you, and hence they give you the best and long-lasting results of your skin and hair. So, Skinkraft is the winner; we have reviewed many customers and based on online reviews, skinkraft is far ahead of the cureskin products.


We have seen the differences between the brands cureskin and skinkraft and have also seen the aspects of products design and customization processes above. 

So, we finally conclude that the skinkraft products are best than the cureskin products and will give you the best and long-lasting results for your hair and skin and skinkraft also makes nutritional supplements that can also be customized by your concerns.

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