Skinkraft vs Mamaearth – Which products are the best ?

Are you worried about your hair and skin-related problems and fed up with the chemical-made products? Nowadays, there are many companies that are manufacturing products for your beauty, hair, and skin and with ayurvedic and plant-based ingredients induced.

Here, we will see about two such brands Mamaearth and skinkraft, and we will see which is the best.

Our Recomendation is :– Use Skinkraft Customized products

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Lets’ see some basic comparison between Skinkraft vs Mamaearth:

  Comparison basis Skinkraft Mamaearth
  Started in the year  2018  2016
  Categories  Hair care, skin care products and nutritional supplements  Hair, body, face, beauty and baby care products
  Products type  Skinkraft products are Customized for everyone  Same products for all
  Ingredients  Dermatologically tested and safe ingredients are used with out any harmful chemicals  Natural and plant-based
  Awards  Listed in the six best breakthrough beauty products of 2019 in the Cosmo India beauty awards 2019  Economic times award for best brand in the year 2019
  Platform to buy  In their official website and some of the products are available at E-commerce shopping sites  Online shopping sites like Flipkart, Amazon etc. mamaearth products are now available at some offline stores also.



Skinkraft is known for providing customized products for every individual and for both men and women. They make haircare, skincare products, and nutritional supplements with a special customization process. 

Skinkraft conducts a quick questionary session on their website, which is named as skin ID or hair ID, where there will be asked several questions about your lifestyle, hair and body type, etc. based on the answers you provide, skinkraft will suggest a suitable product for you which is specially customized for your type.

Every individual has a different type of skin and hair so, skinkraft products are made to suit your needs and to solve your concerns. With the help of the answers you provided in their questionary, they will find your skin and skin characteristics and use the right mix of ingredients to make products for you.

Products of skinkraft are free from harmful chemicals, no, phthalates, no parabens, no SLS, no formaldehyde, and no animal testing. They make products with dermatologically tested and approved ingredients.

Skinkraft is popular for their customized hair care regimen and skincare regimen, and they also provide customized nutritional supplements for your needs.

You can exchange your products within the first two weeks, and they also have a money-back policy if their products won’t suit you.



Mamaearth is one of the leading brands which provides beauty and baby products with completely natural and plant-based ingredients. They make products for hair, skin, body, face, beauty, and babies.

Their mission is to make pure natural and most nurturing products without any harmful chemicals and toxins. Mamaearth products are dermatologically tested, paraben-free, SLS-free, cruelty-free, and free from many harmful chemicals, and their products are suitable for everyone.

Mamaearth has been certified as Asia’s first made safe brand, and also it has been awarded as Best Brand by Economics times in 2019.

Mamaearth not only gives good products but it is also good at nature, they promise to be plastic positive, they are against animal cruelty, and the most interesting thing is mamaearth plants a tree each time when you buy a product from them which means they grow plants and increase the beauty of nature.

All the products of mamaearth are formulated with the handpicked plant ingredients with the most effective bioactives. With mamaearth, you can move towards a natural, sustainable lifestyle. Also, they make hair care, skin, beauty, face, body, and baby products. All the needs of mothers and babies with natural herbs are available at mamaearth.

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Skinkraft vs Mamaearth

Skinkraft is very different from mamaearth; the products of skinkraft are customized for each and every individual, whereas mamaearth makes similar products for all.

Both the brand products are made with harmless chemicals-free ingredients. But, in this aspect, mamaearth takes the lead; mamaearth products are made with pure natural ingredients and certified as Asia’s made safe brand. In contrast, skinkrafts products are made with dermatologically tested ingredients.

Mamaearth suits for all and gives good results from their products, but skinkraft has a special customization process by which their products will be more effective and suits really good for everyone. As the products of skinkraft are customized for your type, they will give you more accurate results than the mamaearth.

The other reason to say that skinkraft is the best is, skinkraft provides its products as a complete regimen, such as skinkraft customized haircare regimen and skincare regimen. There will be all needs of your hair and skin in the complete regimen, which gives you complete protection. 

Mamaearth products can be bought individually, but Skinkraft takes the lead because they are customized-made products and are surely to give best results in reparing and fixing the hair and skin problems.

Skinkraft regimens can be bought in three different plans, of which you can select your desired plan. 

So with all these points and by the customer’s reviews, we recommend you to use skinkraft products for your hair care and skincare over mamaearth products. As mamaearth is completely pure and safe, Skinkraft is also safe, and they are customized for better results.

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We recommend skinkraft over mamaearth in hair care and skincare products as there is a special customization process in making skinkraft products. You can get the best product specially made for you and your type.

The other thing is skinkraft provides a complete regimen for hair care, skin care and nutritional supplements where you can get a complete kit of products for all your needs, whereas you have to buy a single product in mamaearth.

Skinkraft provides different plans to buy their regimens which are very affordable than most of the top brands.




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