Vedix vs Wow vs Mamaearth – Which is the best hair product?

For an attractive personality, good-looking hairs play an important role. This is why no wonders why people these days spend so much on their hair and hair products. 

But is your spending’s on hair products actually worthful?

Are the hair products you are using have a long-lasting effect, or will they go away once you stop using the products? 

Will the product have any negative effect when you stop using that product on your hair? 

Many companies in India claim to offer 100% natural Ayurvedic products. But choosing the best from them is quite complicated. Vedix, Wow, and Mamaearth are some of the top manufacturers offering the best hair products. It is even more difficult to select the best hair products from any of these three manufacturers. 

All these three manufacturers Vedix, Mamaearth, and Wow, claims to use 100% natural and Ayurvedic ingredients in their hair care products. And, all of these products have good results also. This makes the comparison even more difficult for the customer making them confused about which product they should pick for their hair type.  

No worries, here in this guide, we are presenting you a detailed review of hair products from all these manufacturers, their comparison, and will help you select the best for your hair type. 

Our Recomendation is :– Use Vedix Ayurvedic Hair products

Lets understand Why?
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In the following table, we are showing you the comparison between Vedix, wow, and mamaearth:

Comparison basisVedixWowMamaearth
Product typeCustomized products for everyone as per their requirementSame products for allSame products for all
Ingredients100% ayurvedicNatural and plant-basedNatural and plant-based
Establishment year201820142016
CategoriesHair, skin, and immunityHair, face, baby, beauty, and bodyFace care, hair care, body care, and baby care and beauty care
AwardsCosmopolitan award for best product for hair volume-2019 Entrepreneur award for best Ayurvedic startup of the year. Economic times award for best customized ayurvedic brand   No Awards mentionedEconomic times award for best brand 2019
Platform to buyFrom official website only Vedix.comDigital platform- but the manufacturers are planning to launch wow beauty products for offline sale also.Online shopping from Flipkart, Amazon, etc Now-a-days you can buy the product ofmamaearth in some offline stores also.
CEOChaitanya NallanManish ChowdharyVarun alagh

NOTE:- Ayurvedic products doesn’t work properly if your dosha doesn’t suit the ayurvedic ingredients present in that product.

Instead it might damage your hair

So vedix is our recomendation

Vedix Hair products

The company claims that it uses 100% Ayurvedic ingredients while manufacturing hair products. The products from this manufacturer are also reported to make the hairs stronger, healthier, ad shinier.

The best thing that I like about the Vedix hair products is their customization facility. The Vedix offers customized Ayurvedic hair care products which are specially designed to address your unique hair problem. 

When you visit the website of Vedix, you will be asked several questions before you order customized hair care from the company. The questionnaire you see on the Vedix website will ask you all your hair concerns and then will recommend you the customized hair care kit. 

The reason for asking questions by Vedix is, they will find out which Dosha (Vatha, Pitta, and Kapha) you belong to, and by considering the Dosha, Vedix will formulate the product according to your requirement.

The doctors in Vedix Company will recommend you for the customized hair care kit based on the questionnaire. A team of doctors will read your answers thoroughly, work together, do intense research, and formulate a unique product for all your hair issues. 

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What does the Vedix hair care regimen kit contain?

In the customized hair care kit by Vedix, you will get the following products:

Vedix Anti-hair fall shampoo

The properties of the herbs used in the Vedix anti-hair fall shampoo will help in making your hairs strong from root and scalp and will prevent pollution, dirt, and excess oils from your scalp. The customized shampoo from Vedix will make your hairs look shinier and stronger. 

Vedix Anti-hair fall Oil

Like the Vedic Anti-hair fall shampoo, the anti-hair fall oil by Vedix also contains a unique blend of herbs specially formulated for your hair concerns. 

The oil’s nourishing properties will help strengthen your hair and make it look shinier and dense. 

Vedix Hair regrowth serum

The hair growth serum by Vedix is specially designed to start the regrowth of hairs and will give deep nourishment to your hairs. The formulation of the hair regrowth serum is water-based and thus facilitates easy absorption from the scalp quickly to the root of the hairs making them strong and healthier.

Wow Hair products review

Wow offers a wide range of shampoo, hair oils, conditioners, and serum. The manufacturer claims to use only ingredients in the formulation of their hair care products. Here we will provide you a review on hair care products from WOW. 

Shampoo by WOW

  • Wow Black Seed Onion Hair shampoo
  • Wow Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo
  • Wow Coconut Milk shampoo
  • Wow Hair fall control shampoo
  • Wow anti-dandruff shampoo
  • Wow Maroccan Argan oil shampoo
  • Wow Green tea anti-dandruff shampoo
  • Wow Activated Charcoal and Keratin Shampoo

Conditioners by WOW

  • WOW Coconut and Avocado Oil conditioner
  • Wow Red onion black seed oil hair conditioner
  • Wow Hair loss control conditioner
  • Wow Moroccan Argan Oil Conditioner
  • Wow Coconut milk conditioner

Hair oils by Wow

  • Wow black seed Onion Hair oil
  • Wow Miracle 10 in 1 hair oil
  • Wow ultimate all-rounder castor oil-cold pressed hair oil

Hair Serum by WOW

  • Wow Hair-fall defense therapy serum

So there is a big range of hair products offered by Wow. You can select the best option from the above varieties.

The drawback is that there is no recommendation or customized products specially designed for your unique hair issues. You have to experiment with the products that will suit your hair type.  

Though the products from Wow are having great reviews and known to have a positive impact on hairs, you will have to decide from your side that which product is good for you. 

Maybe you know well about your hairs, but the recommendation from the doctor is better as in Vedix hair care products. 

Mamaearth Hair product 

Mamaearth is another top manufacturer of herbal products. Mamaearth offers several hair care products for controlling hair fall and stimulate hair regrowth.

From Mamaearth, you can order for hair repair and care kit containing hair oil, shampoo, conditioner, and tonic comprising the goodness of amla, Ginseng, Milk protein, and Bhringraj. All the products in this kit contain no chemicals and are reported to have a good impact on hairs. 

Another kit by Mamaearth comprising onion shampoo, onion hair oil, and onion conditioner also has promising results on customers’ hairs. The products in this anti-hair fall spa range from mamaearth along with onion also contains:

  • Rednesyl for preventing hair loss.
  • Plant keratin for the moisture balance of hair.
  • Coconut for proper nourishment of the hair.   

You can buy individual mamaearth hair products also from a wide range of hair care products. They all reported to have a good impact, helps in strengthening the hairs, making them dense and shinier. 

The drawback is the same as in Wow hair care products as there is no option available for customized products. However, all the products by Mamaearth are beneficial for hair but are not specially customized for your hair type.

Vedix vs WOW vs Mamaearth

It is very difficult to compare the hair products from Vedix, WOW, and Mamaearth. All the hair products from these manufacturers are claimed to be 100% Ayurvedic and from natural products. 

But the point we can consider while comparing the products from these manufacturers is that the hair products from Vedix are customized as per the requirement of your hair type and also by considering your Dosha, while the hair products from wow and mamaearth are not customized, they are same for everyone. With wow and mamaearth, you will get a wide range of products but have to choose from the existing product range only. There will be no customized product available for your hair type. 

With their experience, the doctor’s team of vedix they will blend-specific herbs to formulate and customize the products to solve your elevated Dosha and thus to resolve your hair or skin issues.  

With Wow and mamaearth, you will get a wide variety of hair products to choose from, but all of them are for all hair types but not for a specific type. The hair products from wow and mamaearth are not customized like Vedix. 

Final words

All the hair care products range from Vedix, Mamaearth, and Wow, which are absolutely awesome. They all claim to use 100% natural ingredients, which depict in their results as well. Since all the options are 100% natural and Ayurvedic, then the better option is to select the customized products which are specially designed by qualified Ayurvedic doctors and hair specialists for a particular hair type.  

I will prefer Vedix Haircare products as they offer customized products formulated to address my unique hair concern. Also, the hair care products delivered to customers by Vedix are recommended by Ayurvedic doctors who have more than 20 years of experience in ayurvedic science. The Doctors will go through the hair concern of the customer, work together, and blend specific herbs in order to formulate customized hair care products for specific hair types.

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