Skinkraft vs Plum – Which products are the best ?

Beauty products have become a daily need for humans nowadays to suit today’s lifestyle. Many brands provide a wide range of beauty products, but they contain chemicals in them, so the demand is high for natural-made beauty products.

Solving the beauty concerns are more important for good looking and also for self-confidence. 

Let’s see about two top brands Skinkraft and Plum. Plum provides all the beauty products for all, while skinkraft is more concentrated in providing the best skincare, haircare, and nutritional supplement products.

Here, we will see the differences between those two brands and which brand’s products are the best to use.

Our Recommendation is:-

Use SKINKRAFT products for –>(Hair and Skin Care).

Use Plum Goodness Products for Beauty and Make-up


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Basic comparison between Skinkraft and plum:

  Comparison basis Skinkraft Plum
  Started in the year  2018  2014
  Categories  Hair care, skin care and nutritional products  Hair, skin, body, face and makeup products
  Ingredients  Safe and dermatologically approved ingredients are used without any chemicals  Natural and plant-based ingredients are used
  Product type  Customized products for everyone  Same products for all
  Awards  Listed in the six best breakthrough beauty products of 2019 in the Cosmo India beauty awards 2019–     
  Platform to buy  In their official website and some of the skin products can be bought in E-commerce shopping sites like Flipkart, Amazon, Nykaa and etc.  In their official website and all other E-commerce site sites.



Plum is one of the topmost beauty products brands, and it is known for its vegan products. Plum makes their products with completely natural and plant-based ingredients only and do not use any animal-derived ingredients. Hence their products are nature friendly and 100% vegan.

Plum provides skincare, haircare, body, and makeup products, and all of them are truly vegan and natural. Plum products are clean, real, and true without any harmful chemicals or toxins, and they are cruelty-free also. The products of Plum are PETA certified, and they use the finest ingredients from their vendors to make their products the best.

Plum believes that beauty has no shape and size and no skin tone; they stay away from unrealistic beauty standards and helps you to become the best version of yourself without the false beauty standards that other beauty products provide. 

Their products are packaged with recyclable materials to reduce the carbon footprint on our planet. Plum is filled with goodness which we can’t resist, and here comes another, “1% for the planet” Plum donates 1% of their annual sales to support the environmental causes.

Coming to the results of the plum products, all the products show very good results for everyone. They make their products for every skin type and hair type for better results, and they solve all your skin and hair-related problems.


Skinkraft makes customized products for their customers to solve their concerns. They make products for hair care, skincare, and nutritional supplements.

The special customization process in the skinkraft gives you the perfect solution for your problems. They conduct a questionary session on their website to find the characteristics of your skin and hair type, and by the answers you provide, they will use the perfect ingredients to make their products customized, which suits your requirements.

Skinkraft uses dermatologically approved ingredients to make its products without any harmful chemicals. All their products are FDA approved and dermatologically tested and are safe to use for everyone. Their products will be customized for every single person to their concerns, and as they are made specially for every individual, the skinkraft products will show good results on you.

They provide their products as a complete regimen named skinkraft customized haircare regimen and skinkraft customized skincare regimen in which there will be all the products for your need. Skinkraft also provides nutritional supplements, which are required to take care of your body, and the nutritional products can also be customized for your needs.

Skinkraft customized products will definitely show good results on you as they are specially formulated for you.

Skinkraft vs Plum

Comparing both Plum and Skinkraft and choosing the one best from them will be very difficult. Plum provides 100% vegan products, while Skinkraft products are made with international safety standards to solve customer concerns.

Skinkraft products can be customized for each person based on their requirements, whereas Plum provides a wide range of products that are the same for everyone.

Though plum products are completely natural and vegan, the customized products of skinkraft will show more effective and fast results of your hair and skin problems and are also safe without any harmful chemicals induced. 

Skinkraft provides only skincare, hair care, and nutritional products, and here Plum takes the lead over skinkraft. Plum provides products for skin, hair, body, face, and makeup. If you need products for only your hair and skin, skinkraft products are a perfect and effective choice. If you need more variety products and other beauty products other than hair skin-related, then Plum is really good in them with actual results. Both the brand’s products are safe to use for everyone.

Buying the products individually may cost you more; such as for your hair care, you need to buy shampoo, conditioner serum, etc. this will cost you more, and if you buy the skincare or hair care regimen from skinkraft, it contains all your needs for hair and skin as a kit with special customization and also you can spend less on it.

Skinkraft gives you good results within one month of usage, and they give you long-lasting results. Skinkraft provides three different plans to buy their regimens which can be canceled at any time, and there is an exchange option to change their products formulations.

So finally, skinkraft is the best option for your hair care, skin care, and nutritional products. We recommend you to use Skinkraft’s regimens for hair and skin and Plum for other beauty-related products.

Buy SKINKRAFT products for –>(Hair and Skin Care) & get 15%OFF

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