Vedix is a customized ayurvedic products brand that makes products for hair care, skin care, and immunity for both men and women. They will take a special quiz session when you visit their website to buy products, where they will ask about your concern, personality, lifestyle, diet and etc.

Based on the answers you provide vedix team will find your Dosha, and by depending on your dosha and your problem, they will formulate a special product that is specially customized for you. Vedix is popular for its customized ayurvedic hair care and skincare regimen.

They use 100% natural and ayurvedic ingredients in their products without any harmful chemicals; hence, vedix products don’t show any side effects.

Vedix leave-in conditioning hair mist

The vedix leave-in conditioning hair mist is a hair spray that is specially designed for conditioning and nourishing your hair naturally.

It can be used as a finishing to your hair care when you style your hair. Vedix hair mist gives shine to your hair which it deserves. It nourishes your hair from root to tip and maintains moisture balance by conditioning the hair and also stimulating hair growth.

The vedix leave-in conditioning hair mist is made with completely natural and ayurvedic herbs without any harmful chemicals. 

Vedix hair mist is free from soy, dairy, gluten, paraben, sulfate, and other chemicals and harmful substances which cause damage to your hair.

The main ingredients used in vedix leave-in conditioning hair mist:

  • Wheat germ oil
  • Jojoba
  • Tocopherol 

These ingredients help to prevent your hair from damage & cuticle lifting, balances the moisture, and prevent breakage and split ends of your hair.

How to use vedix leave-in conditioning hair mist?

  • Part your hair into sections before applying the mist
  • Spray the vedix hair mist on your hair section by section 
  • Spray the mist at the ends of the hair strands also and massage your hair for a few minutes
  • Style your hair as usual

The vedix leave-in conditioning hair mist review

The vedix hair spray is named as vedix leave-in conditioning hair mist and is really good for your hair. It nourishes your hair and keeps your hair shiny.

It is designed to condition and nourish the hair naturally from the root of your hair to the tip. With the ayurvedic herbs used in the spray, it maintains the moisture balance of your hair and stimulates hair growth. It can be added as a finishing touch to your hair care lifestyle. The spray is non-greasy, and it won’t feel heavy on your hair and also gives your hair a nice fragrance.

It is completely ayurvedic and is formulated by the vedix team of ayurvedic doctors and ayurvedic experts who have more than 20 years of experience in ayurvedic science.

It is a very good product by vedix for dry hair, tangled hair, and damaged hair. You will love the texture of your hair after applying the vedix hair mist. Your hair will be smooth and shiny throughout the day.

Benefits of vedix leave-in conditioning hair mist

  • It keeps your hair smooth and healthy 
  • Gives long-lasting shine to your hair with a good fragrance 
  • It is non-greasy or oily and feels very light 
  • It can be used for dry hair and tangled hair also
  • Conditions and nourishes your hair and hair roots
  • Stimulates the hair growth 
  • Maintains the moisture balance 

Customers of vedix are very satisfied with the vedix hair mist, and many of them have reviewed that their volume of hair has also increased.

The price of the Vedix leave-in conditioning hair mist is 499 INR; you can get it for 399 INR in an offer.

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