VEDIX vs SKINKRAFT – Which products are the best?

Are you worried about your problems related to your skin and hair?

Haircare and skincare are the main concerns for everyone, and everyone needs products that are not only showing good results but shouldn’t have any side effects.

Vedix and Skinkraft are such manufacturers who provide hair care and skincare products for every problem of yours. They both are leading manufacturers in providing customized products for every customer.

Here in this article, we will see that which of these brand’s products are more effective.

Basic comparison between vedix and skinkraft:

  Comparison basis  Skinkraft  Vedix
  Started in the year  2018  2018
  Categories involved  Hair care and Skin care  Hair care, skin care and immunity products  
  Product type  Customized products for everyone  Customized products for everyone  
  Ingredients  Pure and safe ingredients are used which are free from harmful chemicals    100% natural and ayurvedic ingredients are used
  Awards      Listed in the six best breakthrough beauty products of 2019 in the Cosmo India beauty awards 2019Cosmopolitan award for best product for hair volumeEntrepreneur award for best ayurvedic startup of the yearEconomic times award for best customized ayurvedic brand  
  Platform to buy  Available in Official website only    Official website only


Let’s understand Why?
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Vedix is the India’s first customized ayurvedic products manufacturer. They use 100% natural and ayurvedic ingredients in their products. They provide hair care, skincare, and immunity products.

The customization is done for every single customer and is done by taking a quiz. In this quiz, the vedix team will ask you about your lifestyle, hair and skin type, body personality, etc. With the help of your answers, the vedix team members will find out your dosha, also called as prakruthi of a human.

Based on the problem you mentioned in the quiz and depending upon the dosha you belong to, the Vedix team will formulate a suitable product. Thanks to the ancient method of considering the dosha to solve a certain problem in the human body. With the ancients ayurvedic techniques and pure natural herbs, vedix will provide the products which will definitely solve your problem which you are worried about.

The customization is done with the help of their ayurvedic doctor’s team, who are expertise in ayurvedic science. 

Vedix is popular for its vedix skincare regimen and vedix hair care regimen that solves your hair issues like hair fall and dandruff.

The vedix hair care regimen kit consists of:

  • Vedix anti-hair fall oil
  • Vedix anti-hair fall shampoo
  • Vedix hair regrowth serum

These products are made with natural ayurvedic herbs such as; Bhringraj, Japa, Amalaki, Yashtimadhu, Kumari, Gunja, and many more. The products of vedix doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals, they are free from soy, gluten, dairy, paraben and sulfate, SLS, and SLES, and they don’t use any synthetics also.

The vedix anti-hair fall oil controls the hair fall with the help of ayurvedic herbs present in it. They arrest the hair fall and strengthen the hair follicles, and also helps in the healthy growth of hair. The anti-hair fall shampoo cleans your scalp, and it also acts as the natural conditioner for hair, and your hair looks shiny. The vedix hair regrowth serum is made water-based so that it won’t feel oily, greasy, or heavy on your hair. This serum will repair the damaged roots of your hair and stimulate your hair follicles to grow new hair.

The products of vedix show result in a very short period, with regular use you can feel the changes in your hair within one month only.


Skinkraft provides the customized skincare and hair care products. It is the first customized brand similar to the vedix.

Skinkraft also conducts a quick quiz session to know about your skin and hair type and customize the suitable product. They provide products for hair and skin-related problems. 

To get customized products for you, you should take the hair or skin profile questionnaire by this skinkraft team will get familiar with your profile.

Every hair type and every scalp is different from others; that is the main reason for initiating the process of customization in such products. With the help of the customization process, the skinkraft products show good results for everyone.

After the customization, the skinkraft suggests you a specific kit with suitable products for your problem. The skinkraft box consists of customized shampoo, conditioner, and hair regrowth serum.

The customized shampoo will deposits’ the protein on the surface of your scalp and restores the strength of your hair. The conditioner makes hair shiny and smooth, and the hair regrowth serum will control your hair fall and is induced with deep absorption formula for follicle rejuvenation.

NOTE:- Ayurvedic products doesn’t work properly if your dosha doesn’t suit the ayurvedic ingredients present in that product.

So vedix is our recomendation

Vedix vs Skinkraft

Vedix products are completely made with ayurvedic ingredients; unlike the skinkraft products that only use pure, safe, and effective ingredients, they are chemical-free. Both vedix and skinkraft customize their products, especially for their customers.

In the process of customization,vedix has the upper hand as their customization is based not only on the customer problems but also on the dosha of the customer and formulate the product. As vedix uses all ayurvedic and natural ingredients, the results will also be far better than the products of skinkraft.


Selecting a vedix hair care regimen and vedix products for your hair and skin care problems is advisable over the skinkraft products. Though both of these won’t show any side effects, products made with the ayurvedic technique will be good for everyone as Ayurveda suits for all.

To buy the products of vedix, just CLICK HERE→→ and take their hair or skincare quiz to get products customized for you.



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